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What is the CCNY Forgiveness Policy?
How would I go about taking a year off from City College?

Dear Edward--

I am a returning student who first came to CCNY in the late 1980s. I had some trouble in my life that I won't get into here but the point of the story is that I failed almost all of the courses that I took in my last two semesters before I stopped attending. Needless to say, my GPA is very low, so low that even if I get straight As in all of the classes that remain in my program I will just barely clear a 2.0. Additionally, I read in the CCNY Bulletin that the F-Replacement policy is only available for courses taken after 1990. I would really like to finish my education but without any amnesty for my previous record I really don't see the point. In the two semesters that I have been back I have been a very good student--is there anything that I can do about this?

Thank you,                    
About to drop out again

Dear About to drop out again,

There is, in fact, a policy that has been developed with students in your exact situation in mind. Please find below the CCNY College of Liberal Arts and Science Forgiveness Policy:

A CCNY student who applies for reinstatement after an absence of at least ten years is eligible to make use of the CCNY Forgiveness Policy. The student may apply to the CLAS Committee on Course and Standards for reinstatement with forgiveness of prior grades, and if approved, will be readmitted and placed on probation until he or she has completed 24 consecutive credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. Once this condition is met, the CCNY academic record predating their reinstatement will be treated as transfer coursework and will be removed from his or her current GPA calculation. Such a student will be subject to the current graduation requirements for transfer students. If the student fails to meet the conditions of probation, the student will be subject to final academic dismissal.

Please follow up in the Office of Academic Standards as soon as you can to discuss how you should go about taking advantage of this policy.



Dear Edward,

My dad just asked me if I would like to spend the next year traveling with him in Africa but I'm only a junior and I won't be done with school before we would leave. If I were to take a few semesters off, how would I go about re-enrolling in the school?  I see that you can ask for re-entry, but how exactly would I go about that?  Do I need a written excuse as to why I want to take the time off?  Thanks.


Dear Contemplating--

There are any number of reasons why a student would need to take time off from school, from changes in work schedules to sickness to childbirth, to name a few. You don't necessarily have to tell anyone that you will be taking time off but you will need to tell us eventually when you are planning to return, and you will do that by completing a Readmission Application Form (found here on the Office of Admissions webpage), which will include a short note about why you took time off and what you have done while you were gone. If your GPA is above 2.0 then this form is merely a technicality, just a notice that you will be returning, but if your GPA is below 2.0 then you will have to appeal to the Office of Academic Standards for re-entry and your reasons for not attending school will play a bigger role in your readmission. Students with GPAs above 2.0 are able to file this form right up until the last day of the registration period for the term in which the student will return, while students with GPAs below 2.0 must file this form no later than three months before the first day of the term in which the student will return in order to give sufficient time for the appeal to be processed. It's best to file these forms long before the semester in which you would like to return so you aren't prevented from taking the classes that you want to take.