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'Fine Art Exhibition by Hubert Williams'

  • Date
    Thu, Jul 17 — Sun, Aug 17


    North Academic Center
    Windows on Amsterdam
    Amsterdam Avenue & 138th Street, NYC

    North Academic Center, Windows on Amsterdam community art gallery

    p: 212.650.8723


  • Event Details

    Since 1978 photographer/artist Hubert Williams has trained to be a true storyteller with images.

    As a photographer/artist, Hubert Williams says he is in training to become a true story teller with images.  Since 1978 he has captured images within the range of his camera lens but Williams believes here is more beyond that.  In 1998 Williams’ first photo shoots were weddings and then fashion including Fashion Week, shooting for an online magazine named Fashion Ledge.  At the onset of the 21st century, he began  shooting events  for the American Cancer Society, which led to assignments with various organizations that included, Nia Online Women's Group; Athletes for Charity, photographing The NY Giants; Harlem Dowling; The Clinton Foundation;  United Negro College Fund; Community Works; Community in Schools; 100 Black Men; 100 Black Women, Associated Charities, NAACP Legal Defense Fund;  Metropolitan Museum; Harlem Business Alliance and Harlem Congregation for Community for Improvement (HCCI).

    By 2006 Hubert Williams was published in, Forever Harlem, and Who's Who in Black magazine. His work has been featured in the NY Daily News, the NY Post, the Amsterdam News, and the NY Times.

    Williams is absolutely fascinated with shooting Jazz, because every Jazz artist has their own very unique style.  It is a sheer treat for Williams to try and capture it.  When shooting jazz, he sees more than the artist or musician, Hubert feels as though he can capture the very note that is vibrated, played or sung. It is an image that is so subtle, so quite, so sweet… Williams says he “can sometimes taste it”. 

    Hubert Williams loves this art form.