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Graduate Childhood Education

Stream A - Initial Certification - 46 credits

Stream A - Initial Certification - 46 Credits

Course Descriptions

Foundations (2 courses)

EDUC 0100A The Urban School in a Diverse Society
EDUC 0200A Psychology of Learning and Teaching
EDUC 0300A Child Development
EDCE 2100K Developmental Issues in Early Childhood and Childhood

Literacy (2 courses)

EDCE 0500C Emergent to Fluent Literacy
EDCE 0510C Fluent to Experienced Literacy

Methods (5 courses)

EDCE 2100C Teaching Social Studies in Childhood Education
EDCE 3100C Science in a Program of Childhood Education
EDCE 5950C Mathematics Knowledge for Teachers
EDCE 6100C How Children Learn Mathematics: Implications for Teaching II
EDCE 4100C Teaching Arts and Crafts in Childhood Education
EDCE 4400C Integrating Theater and Related Arts into the Curriculum
EDCE 7100C Creative Movement and Music in Childhood Education

Core (3 courses)

EDCE 2900F Inclusive Practice for the General Education Classroom (Grade 1-6)
EDCE 3000F Curriculum Development in Childhood Education
EDCE 1800K Family, Child, and School
EDCE 5700C Education That is Multicultural

Research (2 courses)

EDCE 2204I Content Research Seminar in Childhood Education
EDCE 2900I Seminar in Educational Research

Student Teaching and Seminar (2 courses)

EDCE 0401G Student Teaching in Childhood Education
EDCE 0402G Seminar in Childhood Education


Supervised Teaching (2 courses)

EDCE 0403G Supervised Teaching in Childhood Education
EDCE 0402G Seminar in Childhood Education