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View of Baskerville Hall from Convent Avenue.

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Doremus Lecture Theatre inside Baskerville Hall.

Baskerville Hall (Chemistry Building)

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The Chemistry Building was originally designed as a two-story structure with a high, cross-gabled central pavilion.  A third story was added to the design at the insistence of Charles Baskerville, the renowned Professor of Chemistry hired in 1902.  The building runs alongside West 140th Street, sitting parallel to Wingate Hall, and serves as the Gothic Quadrangle’s northern boundary.

A large bay window above the entrance on the south side of the central pavilion illuminated a two-story prep room used by professors to ready demonstrations and lectures.  These were delivered in the Doremus Lecture Theater, immediately behind, a dramatic space with stepped flooring, stadium seating and, at one time, a large, ridge-line skylight.

When built, the Chemistry Building was one of the most up-to-date facilities of its kind on any college campus in the United States.  Today, Baskerville Hall houses the High School for Math, Science and Engineering on its lower levels and offices for student organizations on its upper floors.

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