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When Wingate Hall opened, 138th Street still intersected with Convent Avenue.

Wingate Hall (Gymnasium)

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While the College’s original building did not include space for physical education, by the turn of the 20th Century, colleges had recognized physical development as an essential component of an academic program promoting the Greek ideal of sound body and sound mind.  With that in mind, Post designed a building with long, clear spans and abundant supplies of natural light and fresh air.  Set at a right angle to Harris Hall, it serves as the Gothic Quadrangle’s southern boundary.

Wingate Hall contains a swimming pool in the basement, a gymnasium on the top level and dressing rooms and office space on the middle floors.  Upper-floor windows are larger than those below, with arched headers on the top floors.  The supporting buttresses retrench toward the walls as they climb higher.  Atop the four stone stair towers at the corners are copper intake and exhaust cupolas that provide for fresh air.

100 Years on Hamilton Heights
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