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The Lab's Education Programs

undefinedThe Lab's educational objective is to develop a workforce in NYC with the requisite knowledge and skills to implement energy-efficient building operations on a permanent basis. This workforce encompasses active building operators through their union, practicing professional engineers through several professional associations, service contractor technicians, property managers, and students prospectively entering these lines of work.

Practicuum & Internship

CUNY engineering undergraduate and graduate students take part in “living lab” opportunities for practical work and applied research that will prepare them to enter a specialized workforce with valuable skills. Interns gain experience with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool, perform energy analysis, and troubleshoot for retrocommissioning projects in a variety of real-world environments, including the CUNY Office of Design, Construction and Management and commercial sites such as Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers and 60 Broad Street in Manhattan .

Interns have worked on a groundbreaking wireless, multi-site metering and reporting system for the CUNY Office of Design, Construction and Management. Their experiences will encourage others across the city to become early adopters of high-performance technologies. In its first year, the internship program has helped to raise the profile of building performance issues at CUNY and will continue to bring talented young engineering students into the green buildings systems.

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Professional StudiesA student in the SPS and DCAS sponsored class.

The Lab has partnered with the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to provide opportunity for skills development for professionals working with building systems. The partnership represents a first step in CUNY's growing leadership in the city's drive to develop a workforce equipped for a marketplace that is beginning to demand higher performance from its buildings.

Twenty-five students are enrolled in the course, offered through the the School of Professional Studies in collaboration with the Energy Services and Technology Program at Bronx Community College. Michael Bobker instructs the students on building systems with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Students are also able to earn undergraduate credit for the course.

Continuing Education

Students in the class offered at the School of Professional Studies.The Lab provides workforce development programs for building operators, managers, and service providers faced with the technical challenges of adopting evolving techniques and emergent technologies. Class participants are trained and motivated to identify and pursue “low-hanging fruit,” opportunities for changes in operations and management practices that are cost-effective and high- impact. These relatively small changes can lead to longer-term energy system overhauls.

 In Spring 2007, Lab Director Michael Bobker was the lead instructor of a well-received course at CUNY's Murphy Center for Labor Education titled "Introduction to High-Performance Buildings." It was offered to over 20 working professionals from a variety of labor unions under funding from the US EPA.
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