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The Building Performance Lab was generated out of two years of university-wide research and collaboration with workforce representatives undertaken by the CUNY Sustainable Building Initiative (CUNY-SBI), which began in 2004.

CUNY-SBI's intent was to explore existing CUNY resources. Objectives included:
  • Identify expert CUNY faculty in the field
  • Survey existing courses, trainings opportunities and programs
  • Cultivate relationships between industries
  • Develop structures to enable ongoing collaboration between CUNY and Industry
  • Survey business and industry's education and training needs in the field
  • Identify credit and non-credit educational programs, training workshops, and professional development
  • Form new programs, workshops and other development vehicles
CUNY-SBI received assistance from Urban Agenda, located at the Queens College Labor Resource Center, to identify opportunities to collaborate with labor unions. The Initiative's collaboration with Local 94, the Operating Engineers’ Union, enabled their programs to become accredited by CUNY and to explore the co-development of programming on retrocommissioning. Over time, the mission of CUNY-SBI was developed and focused into what is now the CUNY Building Performance Lab.

The Lab received a two-year seed grant from NYSERDA in 2006.  The Lab's list of partners and collaborators continues to grow.  
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