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Stakeholder Consortium

The Building Performance Stakeholder Consortium is unique in the city’s real estate sector. Its over-100 members are drawn from a diverse cross-section and include representatives of leading commercial property owners and property managers, real estate brokers, developers, investors, architect-and-engineering firms, utilities, nonprofit and community organizations, educational institutions,  labor unions, and government agencies.

The Consortium meets three times a year to discuss the benefits and challenges of going green.

Through consensus reached by its members
under the guidance of co-chair Nancy Anderson, Executive Director of the Sallan Foundation, the Consortium directly informs the Lab’s research and education agendas.

The Consortium decision-making process is described in an article by the Lab's Development Associate, Nora Sherman, published by the Sallan Foundation: "An Industry Finds Its Voice."

At the first meeting of the Consortium, stakeholders spoke of the “cultural change” that has begun to usher new services and technologies into a rapidly changing marketplace. But many hurdles remain. For example, while many tenants are environmentally conscious and are increasingly demanding energy-efficient services, others resist even incremental change. Both groups present unique challenges to property managers and owners.

The Lab is pursuing research on two topics that emerged from Consortium discussion. At the Consortium's next meeting, the Lab will report back to Stakeholders on this research.This kind of continuing feedback loop will advance the Consortium’s agenda and inform the Lab’s applied research and curriculum development.

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