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Interns' Skill Set

The skills our interns acquire vary from setting to setting and can include these:

Building Services and Engineering

  • Use tools such as EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, conduct energy audits and compile, benchmark, analyze, and track the data needed to assess and improve energy efficiency.
  • Use advanced information technology to diagnose and facilitate management of energy and airflow systems, including wireless technologies and sensors for metering and monitoring energy consumption.
  • Thoroughly test HVAC systems and compile and analyze data on their performance.
  • Use portable instrumentation, such as dataloggers, to assess energy use and airflow.
  • Calculate energy use and airflow by means of computerized building models.
  • Identify and analyze other opportunities for improving system performance.
  • Design and implement procedures for monitoring energy performance, identifying and analyzing trends, and verifying performance.
  • Make the explicit documentation of system operations routine.

Research and Analysis                                                             

  • Analyze the true costs of building system retrofits.
  • Research and report on carbon footprint resources and tools for the New York City property manager market. 
  • Assess energy efficiency certificates for market trading.
  • On behalf of brokerage firms and property owners, prepare reports for property managers that explain the cost benefits of greening their buildings. 
  • Evaluate rules and procedures for monitoring and verification of energy efficiency certificates, with particular attention to inconsistencies across methods and markets.
  • Analyze energy reduction as a result of renovations and other construction in existing buildings under the City’s revised building code, to measure the code’s effectiveness, its impact on the city’s overall energy use, and progress in reaching reduction targets on a citywide scale.
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