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Meet Our Interns

  • Ian Taylor: In his      final semester majoring in Environmental Control Technologies and      Information Management at City Tech, Ian began a Lab internship and worked      on a wireless metering project for CUNY’s Office of Facilities Planning      Construction and Management. Upon graduation, he took a job at that      office, where he is part of the team working to meet CUNY’s targets for      reduced energy use.  He is also mentoring new Lab intern Marlon      Harwood.
  • Chris Gioulis: While      studying for an Associate Degree in Environmental Control Technologies,      Chris teamed up with Ian on the CUNY wireless metering project.  Upon      graduation, he enrolled in a Bachelor's program in Facilities      Management.  Today he’s learning to use Energy Star as an on-site      intern with Time Equities.
  • Marlon Harwood: A City      Tech student working towards an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences,      Marlon says he is interested in a career in building operations because of      its growth potential and opportunities for advancement.  At the      urging of Robert Polchinski, Marlon applied to the Lab internship      project.  Under the guidance of Ian Taylor, he’s         monitoring CUNY energy data.
  • Valery Previl: A      student in the Environmental Control Technologies department of City Tech,      Valery began his internship in the field, working for NYSERDA under the      guidance of Lou Rougalo.  His second assignment is partnering with      Chris Gioulis at Time Equities.
  • Jose Pillich: While      pursuing a postgraduate degree in Urban Studies at Hunter College,      Jose became interested in carbon trading and corporate accounting.       He was hired as a research intern by the Lab to create “Carbon 101: A      Guide for Property Managers,” a paper requested by the Lab’s Stakeholder      Consortium.
  • Petra      Caines: Like Jose, Petra      is earning her postgraduate degree in Urban Studies at Hunter College.       As a part-time program assistant in the Air and Energy, Paper Industry      Reform, and Solid Waste Management Department of the Natural Resources      Defense Council in New York City,      she’s gained a foundation in urban sustainability issues.  In her      internship for the Lab, she’s conducting research on building codes as      they relate to PlaNYC 2030 carbon reduction targets.
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