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Welcome to the Building Performance Lab

Sustainable cities need buildings that are energy efficient and a workforce that’s trained to manage them for optimal performance.

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Students participate in advanced studies course sponsored by BPLab.

As New York City ’s only public university, CUNY has a special role to play in helping to meet the city’s needs.  Its Building Performance Lab, supported in part by NYSERDA, is ideally positioned and equipped to serve as a catalyst for change. Through collaborations with other parties, we work to accelerate market transformation in the buildings sector.

One focus of our work is greening existing commercial properties by promoting advanced building system technologies and best practices that reduce energy use and improve indoor environmental conditions and waste management practices.  Greater tenant satisfaction is one result. A crucial best practice is the monitoring and verification that ensure that, once achieved, optimum building performance is maintained.

Another focus of our work is long-term workforce development, which we pursue through curriculum development, internships, and other technology training.

The Lab’s multi-track approach also includes stimulating applied research, promoting technology transfer, and conducting outreach to the real estate sector to raise awareness of sustainability goals and how they can be achieved.

Download our Program Overview Fact Sheet for more information.

How the Lab Works

We partner and collaborate with parties within CUNY and beyond.

BPLab's Spring-Summer 2007 engineering student interns. Since early 2007, through a stakeholder process, over 100 representatives of a diverse cross-section of the real estate sector – leading commercial property owners and property managers, real estate brokers, developers, investors, architect-and-engineering firms, utilities, nonprofit and community organizations, educational institutions,  labor unions, and government agencies – have guided the Lab’s development. This Building Performance Stakeholder Consortium meets three times a year to identify best practices, market needs, and topics for curriculum development and applied research.

The Lab focuses CUNY research competencies on the buildings sector, and collaborations can be pursued with building research institutions beyond CUNY, generating opportunities for technology transfers into the local market.

The Lab capitalizes on CUNY’s ability to deliver education and training to multiple audiences: engineering students through degree programs, practicing engineers, building operators, and property managers via continuing education.

Continuing education classes enable building technicians to learn about new methodologies for system monitoring and optimization that can be directly applied in their work settings.

The Lab encourages early adopters to undertake projects and pursue certifications such as EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager and LEED for Existing Buildings, while providing learning opportunities and strengthening ties between CUNY and the city’s engineering community.

Lab personnel also participate actively in professional associations, contributing to what is a fast-evolving field.

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