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Civil Engineering



Overtallying is the process of signing up on a waitlist to get into a CE course that is “closed”. This is the only way to get into CE 231 and CE 332. For any non-CE courses, you must speak with the chair of the department that conducts the course to get on his/her waiting list.

We will make every attempt to accommodate every student who wants to get into a CE class. 

Note: The registration limit (in CUNY First) of the course might be lower than the actual physical limit of the classroom or laboratory that the class will be held in, in order to set aside a handful of seats for graduating seniors who need the class to graduate.  Once graduating seniors have been accommodated, these seats will be opened up to the other students on the overtally. This will happen the week before classes begin.





In Fall 2014, we were all new to CUNY First, and so the CE Department let deadlines slide so students having issues with CUNY First wouldn’t be penalized by not being able to get into their courses. Starting for Spring 2015 enrollment, however, the CE Department will be sticking to its deadlines (see below).



The overtally for all students opens 2 days after grades have been posted, and closes 1 week later. You must overtally during this time period, or we may not be able to accommodate you. If you overtally ontime, it is very likely that we will be able to accommodate your request, and therefore you should schedule your other classes to fit with the overtallied CE classes.

If you do not overtally ontime, you will not be processed in Group 1 even if you are in Group 1 (see Info For Students/Overtally Approach on the CE website). So, please overtally ontime in order to best position yourself to get into the course(s) you want!

If you are on probation, you should still overtally during this week. You should also meet with an advisor in the Dean’s office (ST 209) during the week of the overtally to have your contract reviewed, since you won’t be able to register for any CE courses without permission from the Dean.

If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from being able to enroll in the 2 week window (see below), like not having computer access or being out of the city during those weeks, please indicate this on your overtally form.

Warning: If there is a suggestion of dishonesty in how the overtally form is filled out, the student will be asked to explain the matter. If it is truly a matter of dishonesty, the student will be placed to the bottom of their priority group.



You will have a second chance to overtally 2 weeks before classes. This overtally closes 1 week later. Please note, that if this applies to you, there is a real chance that the course and section you need will be totally full, and we may not be able to accommodate you.

If you have already overtallied for a class, please do not overtally for the same class a second time.



Fill out the form at this link:

Be sure to fill it out completely. It is not complete until after you have hit the “done” button.

If you are overtallying for multiple courses, just hit the “back” button (after you have selected the “done button”) and enter the relevant information for the second course. This way you can avoid having to fill out all the upfront information multiple times.

Also be sure that your email address is spelled correctly, and that you have identified the first choice and second choice sections of the course you prefer or need.

For more about the CE Overtally:Info For Students/Registration/Overtally Approach on the CE website



One week after the overtally closes, you will receive an email from Prof Wittig indicating whether she was able to accommodate your overtally request. If you wait until the day before classes to enroll, your seat may be given away if there are other students still on the waitlist.

If you have never taken the course before, you may enroll online through CUNY First.

If you have taken the course before and withdrawn from it or not passed it, you must get a overtally form and permission form from Prof Wittig (ST 104). If you are repeating the class for the third or more time, you will also need to get a permission form to retake the class from the Dean’s office (ST 209). You will need to take the forms to the registrar in person, so that they can enroll you into the course.

If you are unable to enroll even though you got an email from Prof Wittig saying that you could, please contact Mr. Luis Alicea in the Dean’s office. It might be a problem with CUNY First, or you may need special approvals in order to register (see Info For Students/Special Approval Now Neede on the CE website).


Please be patient and wait until your processing date. Once you have overtallied for the course(s) you need, you are done. Prof Wittig will take it from there. Please DO NOT EMAIL your faculty or your advisors to explain your particular situation or to check on the status of your overtally request. Emailing faculty will have no effect on your chance of getting into a class (and it may make the faculty feel like they are being harassed).

Please know that placing you in a class is our top priority during this time of the semester. And we will be unable to complete our job on time if we are busy answering your emails and phone calls. 

Students who have overtallied are placed into the courses, up to the actual limit of the class, based on their “academic priority” which depends on their major, whether they are graduating seniors, and if they have ever attempted the course before. Within each priority group, students will be prioritized based on the order in which they overtallied.

To determine your priority: Info for Students/Registration/Overtally Approach



  • Non-academic stops: Take care of any non-academic      stops on your record (e.g., bursar, library) in advance of general registration,      since you will not be able to enroll in any classes if any stop is in      place.
  • Advisement stops: See your CE advisor before general      registration begins, since you will not be able to enroll in any classes      if any stop is in place.
  • Probation issues: Meet with your advisor in the      Dean’s office (ST 209) to have your contract reviewed before the 2 week      window for enrollment from the overtally begins, and ask this advisor to      email Prof Wittig to let her know the status of your contract.
  • Graduating seniors:If you are graduating within 2 semesters, complete your      graduation check through the Dean’s office (ST 209), so that you can claim      you are graduating on the overtally form.
  • Repeating a course: 1) Come see Prof Wittig to pick      up paper registration forms to take to the registrar asap after you have      been notified that you permission to enroll in the course you overtallied      for. 2) At the same time, meet with your advisor in the Dean’s office (ST      209) to get permission to repeat the course. If you are repeating the      course for the 3rd time, you will need to make a strong case      for why you should be allowed to take the course again because the college      will no longer allow students to repeat a course (W or F) three times.
  • Problems using CUNY      First: Read      through the list of issues with CUNY First under “Info for Students/Registration      Matters”. If the list does not help you, contact Prof Wittig immediately.
  • Overtallying      through the CE website:      Overtally for classes during the 1 week window following grades being      posted (see above) so you increase your chance of getting into the classes      you want.
  • Enrolling for CE      classes from the overtally:      Check your CITYMAIL email to see if you have been given permission to      register for a class or in case you  need to be contacted about a question      that affects your registration. Enroll in classes through CUNY First or      the registrar during the 2 week window (see above) so your seat is not      given to the next student on the wait list.