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Child Development and Family Services Center

Discipline Process


If a program is designed to meet the needs of individual children and children in small groups, discipline concerns are limited. When teachers understand and apply theories applicable to the growth and development of young children, there is little, if any, conflict between teachers and children or between children. However, when discipline concerns arise, discipline must be life affirming, with the goal of building self-control and inner discipline. The child’s will must not be broken but rather channeled to be productive for self and others, and self-esteem must remain intact.

To further the child-centered process regarding discipline, children participate in constructing classroom rules, clear limits are set, and consistency is maintained. When it is necessary to remove a child from an activity to help her/him recover, a warning is given before actual removal.  If removed, the child’s feelings and classroom rules are discussed. The child decides when to return, and is assisted in making a successful re-entry.

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