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City College Fellowships Program

Natasha Adams

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 Natasha Adams
Natasha Adams
Sociology, Political Science Major
City College Fellow

Natasha Adams' engagement in and commitment to various social and political movements led her to college—and to a double major in political science and sociology—in order to gain a theoretical understanding of systems of oppression as well as tools to empower poor, working class, oppressed nationalities, women, LGBT/ Trans*, and other disenfranchised groups.  She seeks not just to influence social policy, but to help develop sustainable models of community organizing that will allow marginalized communities to gain access to resources, institutions, and ultimately to become change agents.

Natasha's interest in how varying systems of power inform, shape, and influence the lives of oppressed groups has led her to focus on gender inequity in the public school system.  She aims to explore the extent to which (and how) colleges can improve the retention rate of women students, for example through attention to creating safe spaces, fostering strong communal relationships, and explicitly addressing inequities.

Natasha aims to earn a PhD in Political Science and to build a career in academia that joins scholarship and activism in local and international social movements.