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City College Fellowships Program

Fellows starting doctoral studies


 Fellows Start Doctoral Program

Eleven Fellows start doctoral studies in 2013

The City College Fellowships Program is proud to announce that the following Fellows gained admission to PhD programs and will start their doctoral studies in 2013:

  • Shana Adise (BS 2011), PhD, Nutritional Sciences, Penn State University
  • Miguel Briones (BA/BS 2013), PhD, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Kaydian Campbell (BA 2012), PhD, English, University of Wisconsin, Madison                                
  • Lucas Corcoran (BA 2013), PhD, English, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Chathuranga De Silva (BS 2013), PhD, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University
  • Kasaun Henry (BA 2006; MA 2008, Music Theory, University of Michigan), PhD, History & Culture, Drew University    
  • Hyeondo (Luke) Hwang (BS 2013), PhD, Physical Chemistry, University of Chicago
  • Lisa Figueroa Jahn (BA 2010), PhD, Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Jessica Mendez (BA 2013), PhD, History, Columbia University.
  • Roy Song (BS 2012), PhD, Biomedical Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Jung Hua (Elva) Yang (BS 2012), PhD, Biology, Texas Technical University