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Friends of the City College Library::Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll
  We are sincerely grateful to all those who have generously supported the City College Library this year. Private gifts play a crucial role, enabling the Library collections to continue to grow. We wish to offer our donors special recognition for all they have done.

The gifts listed below represent the vital commitment of individuals to the Library. Donors of both monetary gifts and collections are listed according to the total amount of their library donations.

This Donor Honor Roll lists gifts received by the Library between July 1, 2002 and June 30, 2003.

  $1,000+ (FOUNDER)

Bernard Bernbaum '34
David Bushler '56
Zhichao Chen
Richard & Dorene Cohen
Estate of Max Gulack '48
Katherine Jason in memory of Peter J. Rondinone '77, '87
Nanice Lund
New York City Board of Education, Division of School Facilities
Marion Rothenberg '48
Richard Schepard '64
Weiner Nusim Foundation

$500-$999 (PATRON)

Harriet Alonso
Toni Heris in memory of Stan Harrison '51
Eugene Sarver
Martin Schulman '64
Martin Schulman '64 in honor of Jane Schulman-"lover, mother and poet extraordinaire"

$250-$499 (FRIEND)

Ruth Halle Rowen


Frank Brecher '57
Sam Burton
Morris Krasnoff '35, '37
Melva Peterson

$100-$149 (REGULAR MEMBER)

Judy Connorton
Mary Cope
Pierre Leignadier
Bernard Sohmer
Rosamond L. Wilen
Debra Ruth Wolin


Carlo Baldi
John Baxt in memory of Seymour Baxt '29
Dorothy M. Cohen
Richard DeSanctis
Marshall Hurwitz
Robert Laurich
Middle East Studies Institute,    University of Miami
Paul Oppenheimer
Massato Otsuka
Sidney Ozer in memory of Richard Cohen
Leon C. Paretsky '66
Antoni Piza
David & Marianne Smigelskis
Fred Thau
Steven & Kathleen West


Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Please notify Library Development at (212) 650-7271 of any errors or omissions.


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