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Mathematics Education

Advanced Certificate in Adolescent Mathematics Education - Grades 7 - 12

Initial Certification

Admission requirements for the Advanced Certificate Program in Mathematics Education (grades 7-12) are:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in mathematics (or its equivalent - 30 credits) with a minimum overall gpa of 3.0.  Mathematics coursework should include Calculus I, II and III (minimum of 9 credits), modern algebra, linear algebra, probability and statistics, geometry, number theory, and discrete mathematics and a New York State Initial Certification or its equivalent.
  • Hold a masters degree in mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, or computer science.
  • Complete the admissions application. (Contact the SOE Graduate Admission Office 212-650-6296 or NAC 3/227 for the application form and deadlines.)
  • Take the New York State Teacher Liberal Academic.  Students who do not have the opportunity to take these tests prior to the application deadline may submit a test registration form as evidence of their intent to take these examinations. New York State Teacher Examination information can be found at the New York State Education Department web site.

To maintain one's status as a degree candidate and be recommended for graduation a candidate must:

  • Maintain an overall 3.0 gpa.
  • Register for a least one course each semester.
  • Pass the NYSTE ALST, CST exams (A copy of test scores must be submitted to your advisor.)  
  • Successfully complete 100 hours of pre-student teaching field experience*.  
  • Maintain an electronic teaching portfolio.

Note: The educational core includes 100 hours of pre-student teaching experience in the New York City Schools. Teacher candidates must have time during normal public school hours to fulfill this requirement.

Admission to Student Teaching requires completion of the student teaching application during the first 10-weeks of the semester prior to student teaching. Contact the Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching NAC 6/205 for information regarding the deadlines and application process. Admissions requirements include:

  • Completion of all Liberal Arts, mathematics major, and education requirements
  • A gpa of 3.0 or higher.
  • Successful completion of 100 hours of field experience (part of education requirements).
  • A passing score report for the New York State Liberal Arts and Science Test (ALST).
  • A passing score report for the New York State Content Specialty Test in Mathematics (CST).

During the student teaching semester you will register for:

EDSE 0600G: Student Teaching (3 credits) - This is full-time, full-semester, supervised teaching experience in the New York City Public Schools.

EDSE 0603G: Seminar in Teaching Secondary School

EDUC 1900G: Child Abuse and Health Education Seminar (0 credits)

To be recommended for certification teacher candidates must:

  • Complete the certificate program with a gpa of 3.0 or better and apply for graduation.  This includes submission of an electronic portfolio.
  • Successfully complete the student teaching semester.
  • Pass the New York State ALST, CST and EAS exams. (A copy of your score reports must be submitted with your application for certification.)
  • Successfully complete the edTPA portfolio
  • Submit an application for certification to the City College Certification Officer.