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Physics Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni

Dr. Juraj Tekel – Dist. Prof. V. Parameswaran Nair and Prof. Alexios Polychronakos, City College of New York
Fuzzy Field Theory as a Random Matrix Model. May, 2013

After finishing my Ph.D. with professors Nair and Polychronakos at CCNY I am starting a junior faculty position at the Department of Theoretical Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Commenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Moreover, I have been awarded [the] Alumni Foundation Fellowship for an outstanding returning graduate of the department, which includes financial support and other benefits.

Dr. Bo Wen – Dist. Prof. Myriam Sarachik, City College of New York
Dipolar Interactions, Long Range Order and Random Fields in a Single Molecule Magnet, Mn12-acetate. February 2013 Degree

Dr. Yuliang Jin – Prof. Hernan Makse, City College of New York
Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Packings of Spheres. September 2012

Dr. Eli Lansey – Prof. David Crouse, City College of New York
Aperture Array Photonic Metamaterials: Theoretical Approaches, Numerical Techniques and a Novel Application. September 2012

Dr. Lei Zhang – Prof. Ronald Koder, City College of New York
Engineering Cofactor and Ligand Binding in an Artificial Neuroglobin. September 2012

Dr. Sophia Inzunza-Cisneros, MA, City College of New York; Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Nuclear Science Neutrino and Dark Matter Group

Dr. Jonathan Friedman, - Dist Prof. Myriam Sarachik, City College of New York (1996)
Associate Professor of Physics, Amherst College

Dr. Peter J. Delfyett, B.E.(E.E.)The City College of New York (1981); M.S. degree EE, University of Rochester (1983); M. Phil, Ph.D., City University of New York (1987, 1988).  Ph.D. thesis: developing a real time ultrafast spectroscopic probe to study molecular and phonon dynamics in condensed matter using optical phase conjugation techniques.
University Trustee Chair & Professor of Optics, ECE & Physics, Ultrafast Photonics; CREOL | The College of Optics & Photonics, University of Central Florida


Bachelor of Science

The following students received the degree of Bachelor of Science on May 30, 2014.  *=Cum laude; **=Magna cum laude; ***=Summa cum laude

Jesse Evan Balgley**
Robert Nkumde Bararwandika
Tai-Danae Bradley***
Harry Charalambous*
Richard W. Crandall***
Haiming Deng*
Benjamin C. Diamond
Richard Gozali*
Zabir Hossain
Ahamed Jubair*
Brian Leibowitz
Richard G. Monge**
Ashique Rahman**
Mohammed A. Sabha*
Peeter Sorra*
Alan Stern
Nayamot Ullah
Joseph E. Weiner


Congratulations to Physics  Bachelor of Science graduates as of February 1, 2014:
Cosmin Negru  (Advisor: Prof. Marilyn Gunner), Biomedical PhysicsBS 2/1/2014
Inna Shteinbuk  (Advisor: Prof. Jiufeng Tu), Standard Physics, BS 2/1/2014 Magna cum laude
Heriberto Vasquez (Advisor: Prof. Jiufeng Tu) Standard Physics, BS 2/1/2014 Cum Laude
Mr. Baruch Tabanpour has completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree Summa cum laude with a physics minor,  Mr. Tabanpour's physics advisor is Prof. Jiufeng Tu.

Congratulations to Physics Bachelor of Science Graduates 2012-2013
Sabila Baimukhamedova, September 2012, B. S., Physics
Mordechai Birnbaum, September 2012, B. S. Physics
Evgueni Chepelevski, September 2012, B. S. Physics
Benjamin T. Joyce, September 2012, B. S. Physics
Kyle B. Lawlor, February 2013, B. S. Physics
George Miroshnikov, May, 2013, B. S. Physics