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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Carol A. Steiner



Grove School of Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Steinman Hall T-318

p: (212) 650-7230

f: (212) 650-6660


  • Education

    S.B., Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

    MSE, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania  

    PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

  • Courses Taught

    Unit Operations Laboratory, Materials Science, Polymer Science and Engineering, Pharmaceutical Applications of Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics I and II

  • Research Interests

    Novel hydrogels, soft biomaterials.

  • Publications

    Yang, Y., Schulz, D. and Steiner, C.A. 1999 Physical Gelation of Hydrophobically Modified Polyelectrolytes I.Homogeneous Gelation of Alkylated poly[acrylamide-co-sodium acrylate], Langmuir 15 4335-4343 Kumar, V. and Steiner, C.A. 1999  

    Surfactant-Mediated Gelation of Hydrophobically Modified Hydroxyethyl Cellulose: Effects of Polymer and Surfactant Structure, Colloids and Surfaces A:Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 147 27-38 

    Kikkinides, E.S., Charalambopoulou, G.Ch., Stubos, A.K., Kanellopoulos, N.K., Varelas, C.G., and Steiner, C.A. 1998 A Two-Phase Model for Controlled Drug Release from Biphasic Polymer Hydrogels, J., Controlled Release 51 313-325

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