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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Carole Berger

Associate Professor of English as a Second Language


Division of Humanities and the Arts



NAC 6/336D

p: 212-650-6286


  • Profile

    Professor Berger is Associate Professor of English as a Second Language, specializing in Educational Leadership/Linguistics and Reading. Her interest in language acquisition and ethnographic research has led her to lecture extensively, internationally and nationally and publish in the field. She is the former chair of the City College ESL Department and the City University ESL Council.

  • Education

    Ph.D., Ferkauf Graduate Center, Yeshiva University.

  • Research Interests

    At present she is doing research on multigenerational influences on language acquisition and reading interests of ESL students.

  • Publications

    Publications include: “An Ethnographic Approach to the Reading Acquisition Process,” “Unbounded by Textbooks, ESL Conversation Circles: A Sharing and Caring Project at CCNY,” “Life and Language; An Urban College Experience (co-authored text).

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