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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Douglas Troeger



Grove School of Engineering


Computer Science

Affiliated Departments

Computer Engineering


North Academic Center 7/116

p: (212) 650-6167

f: (212) 650-6248


  • Profile

  • Education

    • A.B. (Philosophy) Brown University
    • Sc.B. (Chemistry) Brown University
    • M.S. (Mathematics) Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Ph.D. (Mathematics) Stevens Institute of Technology


  • Courses Taught

    • CSc 33500 : Programming Language Paradigms


  • Research Interests

    Computational Group Theory and Symbolic Computation, Functional Programming, Semantics of Programming Languages.

  • Publications

    • Challenge Response Password Security Using Combinatorial Group Theory, to appear in Groups, Complexity and Cryptology (with G. Baumslag, Y. Bryukhov, and B. Fine).
    • Virtual Properties of Cyclically Pinched One-Relator Groups, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, Vol. 19 No. 2, pp 213 - 227, 2009 (with G. Baumslag, B. Fine and C. F. Miller).
    • Virtually Free-by-Cyclic One-Relator Groups I., Aspects of Infinite Groups, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Volume 1, World Scientific, B. Fine, G. Rosenberger and D. Spellman, eds., pp.9-25, 2008 (with G. Baumslag).
    • Reflections on the Residual Finiteness of One-Relator Groups, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics, Vol.1 No. 3, pp. 209-219, 2007 (with G. Baumslag and C. F. Miller)


  • Additional Information

    Professional Experience

    Prior to joining City College, I had faculty appointments at Stevens Institute of Technology and Syracuse University. Prior to that I worked in industry, as a chemist in the Chemical Physics Division of Allied Chemical Corporation.

    Current Professional Affiliations

    Association for Computing Machinery, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science 


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