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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Felix Piña


Center for Worker Education



25 Broadway 7th Floor

p: (212) 925-6625

f: (212) 925-0963


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    Since joining CWE in 2004, Felix Piña has been assisting students and faculty with general computer usage. A 10-year graphic design veteran, Felix provides support and maintains workstations at CWE, in addition to updating and designing computer-related information literature. He assists Robert Hernandez in all computer support activities.

    Felix is also the founder and president CEO of Graphics 2C Inc., a Queens-based graphics and web-design company. Clients have included CIS Trading System, 5B Capital Group, ADEUSA, Americasa, Meyers Perfumes, and Tech Microsystem.

    Piña has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in the Dominican Republic.

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