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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Georgina Falu

Adjunct Professor


Division of Humanities and the Arts


Black Studies


NAC 6/109

p: (212) 650-8117


  • Profile

    Dr. Georgina Falu is an Afro Puerto Rican, scholar, educator, translator and leader in the movement for the Afro-Latinos to gain consciousness and learn about their African Heritage and History. She translated to Spain three books of Dr. ben: "Black Man of the Nile," "Origins of Major Western Religions" and "Africa, Mother of Western Civilizations." She has a doctorate in Education and a Master's in Arts from Colombia Univertsity, a Master's from Berkeley-California University, a Diploma from Harvard Graduate School of Mangement and a Bachelors Magna Cum Laude from the UPR. She was named Puerto Rico's Woman of the Year in Education in 1974. Through her initiative, the AFROLAA (Afro-Latinos of the Americas) project is mobilizing Spanish speaking Afro-descendents communities throughout South-Central America and Caribbean to learn about their African heritage and history through: Translations to Spanish of books of African's contributions, Conferences in Afro-descendents communities (e.g. Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa - where she met Mandela while he was Presiddent). In Puerto Rico, Dr. Falu organized "La Fundacion Falu de Puerto Rico" to, among other things, promote the establishment of a University degree on History and African Heritage, support research-publications on African History and Heritage through $ 1,000 Graduate scholarship for thesis/dissertations (the first concluded that in P.R. there was not a single academic program on the African Heritage), and sponsor the development/creation of an Archival Center on outstanding Afro-Puerto Ricans. Dr. Falu donated the UPR books on your African Heritage, organized annual recognitions to distinguished Afro-Puerto Rican men and women, realized two children writing contest on the topic and wrote and produced a theatre play for children presented in PR and NY.

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