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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Izidor Gertner



Grove School of Engineering


Computer Science

Affiliated Departments

Computer Engineering


North Academic Center NA 8202F

p: (212) 650-6173

f: (212) 650-6248


  • Profile

  • Courses Taught

    • CSC 342
    • CSc 343
    • CSC 433
    • Senior Design


  • Research Interests

    Professor Gertner's research interests are in the areas of Automatic Target Recognition, Time-Frequency Analysis, Hardware/Software co-design of real-time algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Semantic Web. My research activities are supported by MDA. Former funding has been provided by ONR, AFRL, and MDA.

  • Publications

    • I. Gertner, G.A. Geri, “A weighted Zak Transform, Its Properties,, and Applications to Signal processing” in PHYSICS OF AUTOMATIC TARGET RECOGNITION, Ed. F.Sadjadi, pp.57-72, Springer, 2007.
    • I.V. Maslov, I.Gertner, “Multisensor Target Recognition in Image Response Space Using Evolutionary Algorithms” in PHYSICS OF AUTOMATIC TARGET RECOGNITION, Ed. F.Sadjadi, pp.127-142, Springer, 2007.
    • I.V. Maslov, I. Gertner, Multi-Sensor fusion: An evolutionary algorithm approach, INFORMATION FUSION, 7, pp.304-330, July 2006.
    • I.A. Maslov, I. Gertner, “Reducing the computational cost of local search in the hybrid evolutionary algorithm with application to electronic imaging”. Engineering Optimization, Vol. 37, No.1, January, 2005, pp. 103-119.
    • I.A. Maslov, I. Gertner, " OBJECT RECOGNITION WITH THE HYBRID EVOLUTIONARY ALGORITHM : A Novel Response Analysis Approach”,Journal Of Optical Engineering- A Special Issue On Home-Land Security, Vol. 43. No.10,October 2004.
    • J. Wei and I. Gertner, “MRF-MAP-MFT visual object segmentation based on motion boundary field ”. Pattern Recognition Letters, 24, 2003, pp. 3125-3139.


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