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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Laura Callahan

Professor of Hispanic Linguistics


Division of Humanities and the Arts


Foreign Languages & Literatures

Affiliated Departments

CUNY Graduate Center


NAC 6/331A

p: 212-650-7928


  • Profile

    This section was last updated on March 29, 2015.

    Laura Callahan is Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at The City College and Graduate Center, CUNY. She has also taught at San José State University, the University of California at Berkeley, and Michigan State University. She was co-organizer of the 25th Conference on Spanish in the United States/ 10th Conference on Spanish in Contact with Other Languages, held at CCNY March 26-29, 2015.

  • Education

    This section was last updated on March 11, 2014.

    Ph.D., Hispanic Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley

    M.A., Spanish, San José State University

    B.A., Spanish, San José State University

  • Courses Taught

    This section was last updated on September 2, 2014.

    Endangered and Heritage Languages: Issues in Maintenance and Revitalization (CCNY)
    English as a Second Language (Century School of Languages)
    Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (U.C. Berkeley, CCNY)
    Introduction to Spanish Phonology (CUNY Graduate Center)
    Language and Identity (CUNY Graduate Center)
    Language and Intercultural Communication (CUNY Graduate Center)
    Language and Linguistics: Introduction to the Scientific Study of Language (U.C. Berkeley)
    Linguistic and Cultural Issues in Teaching Spanish (CCNY, CUNY Graduate Center)
    Linguistic Approaches to Literature (CCNY)

    Spanish Advanced Grammar (CCNY)
    Spanish as a Foreign Language (SJSU, San José Metropolitan Adult Ed. Program, Mission &
          Ohlone Colleges,
    U.C. Berkeley, MSU, CCNY)
    Spanish Composition (CCNY)
    Spanish Conversation (U.C. Berkeley)
    Spanish Dialectology and Sociolinguistics (CCNY)

    Spanish for Heritage Speakers (U.C. Berkeley)
    Spanish in Contact in the U.S. (CCNY)
    Spanish in Contact Worldwide (CCNY)
    Spanish Morphology and Syntax (MSU, CCNY)
    Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (MSU, CCNY)

  • Research Interests

    This section was last updated on February 26, 2015.

    Professor Callahan's principal area of investigation has been Spanish in the United States, and most of her publications focus on some aspect of the consequences of contact between Spanish and English or of the contact between native and non-native speakers of those languages. These consequences are examined in the contexts of codeswitching, language attitudes, language and identity, intercultural communication, linguistic landscapes, and heritage language maintenance.


  • Publications

    This section was last updated on June 24, 2015.

    Single-authored books

    Spanish and English in U.S. Service Encounters. Palgrave Macmillan. 2009.

    Spanish/English Codeswitching in a Written Corpus. John Benjamins. 2004.

    Edited volume 

    Spanish and Portuguese Across Time, Place, and Borders. Palgrave Macmillan. 2014.

    Refereed articles

    The Importance of Being Earnest: Mock Spanish, Mass Media, and the Implications for Language Learners. Spanish in Context. 2014, 11-2: 202-220.

    Museums as a Site for Racialization and Heritage Language Maintenance. Heritage Language Journal. 2014, 11-2: 98-122.

    Requests for Money on Public Transportation: Saving Face for Speaker and Hearers. Prisma Social. 2013, 10: 361-393.

    Workplace Requests in Spanish and English: A Case Study of Email Communication between Two Supervisors and a Subordinate. Southwest Journal of Linguistics. 2011 (released summer 2012) 30-1: 27-56.

    Asking for a Letter of Recommendation in Spanish and English: A Pilot Study of Face Strategies. Hispania. 2011, 94-1: 171-183.

    Speaking with (Dis)Respect: A Study of Reactions to Mock Spanish. Language and Intercultural Communication. 2010, 10-4: 299-317.

    U.S. Latinos' Use of Written Spanish: Realities and Aspirations. Heritage Language Journal. 2010, 7-1: 1-27.

    Accommodation to Outgroup Members' Use of an Ingroup Language: A Comparison of Service Encounters In Person and Over the TelephoneInternational Multilingual Research Journal. 2009, 3: 1-15.

    El uso del acento ortográfico en el español de los Estados Unidos, América Latina, y España: Normas periodísticas. Itinerarios: Revista de estudios lingüísticos, literarios, históricos y antropológicos. 2008, 7: 187-198.

    Spanish/English Codeswitching in Service Encounters: Accommodation to the Customer's Language Choice and Perceived Linguistic Affiliation. Southwest Journal of Linguistics. 2007, 26-1: 15-38.

    Student Perceptions of Native and Non-Native Speaker Language Instructors: A Comparison of ESL and Spanish. Sintagma. Revista de Lingüística. 2006, 18: 19-49.

    English or Spanish?! Language Accommodation in Urban Service Encounters. Intercultural Pragmatics. 2006, 3-1: 29-53.

    'Talking Both Languages': 20 Perspectives on the Use of Spanish and English Inside and Outside the Workplace. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. 2005, 26-4: 275-295.

    The Role of Register in Spanish-English Codeswitching in Prose. The Bilingual Review/La Revista Bilingüe. 2004, 27-1: 12-25.

    Native Speakers' Attitudes Toward the Public Use of Spanish by Non-Native Speakers: From George W. to J. Lo. Southwest Journal of Linguistics. 2004, 23-1: 1-28.   

    Codeswitching in Antonio Muñoz Molina's Carlota Fainberg: Determiner Gender and Noun Phrase Status. Sintagma. Revista de Lingüística. 2002, 14: 21-37.

    The Matrix Language Frame Model and Spanish/English Codeswitching in Fiction. Language & Communication. 2002, 22-1: 1-16.

    Metalinguistic References in a Spanish/English Corpus. Hispania. 2001, 84-3: 417-427.   

    Forms of Address in the Popular Press: A Comparison of Spain, Mexico and the United States.  Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics. 2000, 25: 53-72.

    Article in conference proceedings

    Pre-imposition vs. In Situ Negotiation of  Group and Individual Identities. Critical Multilingualism Studies. 2012, 1-1: 57-73.

    Book chapters

    Los latinos de los Estados Unidos y el uso del español escrito: Realidades y aspiraciones. (Translation and revision of: L.Callahan. U.S. Latinos' use of written Spanish: Realities and aspirations. Heritage Language Journal. 2010, 7-1: 1-27). In El español en los Estados Unidos: E pluribus unum? Enfoques multidisciplinarios. Domnita Dumitrescu, ed. New York: Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE). 307-338. 2013.

    Facework in Female to Female Service Encounters between Native and Non-Native Speakers of Spanish in the U.S. In Spanish and Portuguese Across Time, Place, and Borders. Laura Callahan, ed. Palgrave Macmillan. 215-235. 2014.

    Introduction. In Spanish and Portuguese Across Time, Place, and Borders. Laura Callahan, ed. Palgrave Macmillan. xiv-xx. 2014.

    Translation of a book

    Translated from the Spanish. Menéndez de Avilés and La Florida. Chronicles of His Expeditions (Menéndez de Avilés y la Florida: crónicas de sus expediciones. Edwin Mellen Press 2006). 407 pages. Edition, notes, and introduction by Juan Carlos Mercado. Edwin Mellen Press. 2010. 

    Selected book reviews

    Indexing Authenticity: Sociolinguistic Perspectives. Véronique Lacoste, Jakob R.E. Leimgruber, and Thiemo Breyer, eds. 2014. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Linguist List. Vol. 26-3008. 23 June 2015.

    The Handbook of Intercultural Discourse and Communication. Christina Bratt Paulston, Scott F. Kiesling, and Elizabeth S. Rangel, eds. 2012. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. Linguist List. Vol. 23-4797. 17 November 2012.

    Negotiating Solidarity: A Social-Linguistic Approach to Job Interviews. Caroline Lipovsky. Newcastle, U.K.: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Linguist List. Vol. 22-2871. 13 July 2011.

    Multidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching. Ludmila Isurin, Donald Winford, and Kees de Bot, eds. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Modern Language Journal. 2011, 95-2: 322-323.

    Historical (Im)politeness. Jonathan Culpeper and Dániel Z. Kádár, eds. Bern: Peter Lang. Linguist List. Vol. 21-2964. 17 July 2010.

    Actos de habla y cortesía en español. María E. Placencia and Diana Bravo, eds. 2009. Munich: LINCOM Europa. Linguist List. Vol. 21-415. 26 January 2010.

    Second Language Identities. David Block. 2009. London: Continuum. Linguist List. Vol. 20-2672. 3 August 2009.

    La lengua que heredamos: Curso de español para bilingües. 6th ed. Sarah Marqués. 2009. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley; ¡Sí se puede! Un curso transicional para hispanohablantes. María Carreira and Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci, 2008. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. (Double review) Modern Language Journal. 2009, 93: 465-467.

    Heritage Language Education: A New Field Emerging. Donna M. Brinton, Olga Kagan and Susan Bauckus, eds. 2007. London: Routledge. Linguist List. Vol. 19-3345. 3 November 2008.   

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    Healthcare Interpreting. Franz Pöchhacker and Miriam Shlesinger, eds. 2007. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Linguist List. Vol. 19-115. 10 January 2008.

    Intercultural Discourse and Communication: The Essential Readings. Scott F. Kiesling and Christina Bratt Paulston, eds. 2005. London: Blackwell. Linguist List. Vol. 16-2192. 17 July 2005.

    The Language, Ethnicity and Race Reader. Roxy Harris and Ben Rampton, eds. 2003. London: Routledge. Linguist List. Vol. 16-24. 10 January 2005.    

    Spanish/English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics. 2nd ed. M. Stanley Whitley. 2002. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. Hispania. 2004, 87-3: 505-506.

    Critical Pedagogy. Political Approaches to Language and Intercultural Communication. Alison Phipps and Manuela Guilherme, eds. 2004. Clevedon, U.K.: Multilingual Matters. Linguist List. Vol. 15-1718. 4 June 2004.

    At War with Words. Mirjana N. Dedaic and Daniel N. Nelson, eds. 2003. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Linguist List. Vol. 15-655. 21 February 2004.     

    Estudios de Lingüística, 15. Susana Pastor Cesteros and Ventura Salazar García, eds. 2001. Alicante: Universidad de Alicante. Hispania. 2003, 86-1: 73-75.

    Dynamics of Language Contact: English and Immigrant Languages. Michael Clyne. 2003. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Linguist List. Vol. 14-2490. 19 September 2003.

    Gente de Cervantes: Historia humana del idioma español. Juan Ramón Lodares. 2001. Madrid: Taurus. Críticas. 2002, 2-4: 46.

    Code-Switching in Conversation: Language, Interaction and Identity. Peter Auer, ed. 1999. New York: Routledge. Linguist List. Vol. 12-1872. 22 July 2001.

    Research on Spanish in the United States: Linguistic Issues and Challenges. Ana Roca, ed. 2000. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. Linguist List. Vol. 12-1391. 21 May 2001.

    At War with Diversity: US Language Policy in an Age of Anxiety. James Crawford. 2000. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Linguist List. Vol. 11-2711. 14 December 2000.

  • Additional Information

    This section was last updated on June 5, 2015.

    Service to the profession (selected)

    External reviewer, tenure and promotion
    Referee, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, Public Research University, Summer 2015.
    Referee, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, Public Comprehensive University, Summer 2015.
    Referee, Promotion to Full Professor, Public Research University, Summer 2014.
    Referee, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, Private Research University, Spring 2014.


    Invited peer reviewer, grants and fellowships
    Sam Houston State University. 2015
    American Academy in Berlin. 2014

    Invited peer reviewer, journal articles
    Foreign Language Annals
    Heritage Language Journal

    Intercultural Pragmatics
    Itinerarios: Revista de estudios lingüísticos, literarios, históricos y antropológicos
    Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
    Journal of Pragmatics

    Language, Culture and Curriculum
    Language and Intercultural Communication
    MELUS: Journal of The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States
    Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos
    Sociolinguistic Studies
    Southwest Journal of Linguistics

    Spanish in Context
    Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics

    Invited peer reviewer, book chapters
    Actas del XXV congreso internacional de la Asociación española de Lingüística Aplicada
    Handbook of Spanish as a Minority/Heritage Language
    New Directions in Hispanic Linguistics

    Pragmatic Variation in First and Second Language Contexts: Methodological Issues
    Proceedings for the 2010 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
    Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
    Selected Proceedings for the 2011 Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
    Spanish as a Heritage Language in the US: State of the Science
    Spanish-English Codeswitching in the Caribbean and the U.S.


    Service to the department, college, and university (selected)

    Acting Chairperson, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Spring-Fall 2011.
    Co-Deputy Chairperson, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2013-Spring 2014.

    Junior Faculty Mentor, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
    Deputy Chairperson, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2009-Fall 2010;
    Spring 2012.
    Organizer, CCNY lecture series Cultural and Ethical Issues in Language and
    Communication: Fall 2011-Spring 2012.
    Executive Committee, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2006-Spring 2012;
    Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
    Graduate Studies Comm., Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
    Curriculum Committee, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
    Secretary, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2006-Fall 2010; Spring 2012;
    Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
    Undergraduate Advisor, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures: Fall 2003-Spring 2014.
    CCNY Faculty Senate: December 2008-May 2012.
    CCNY CLAS Committee on Course and Standing: Spring 2007-Spring 2012. Fall 2013-
    Spring 2014.
    CCNY On-Campus Fulbright Committee: Fall 2011.
    CCNY Working Group on International Engagement: Spring 2011.
    CCNY Pre-screening Committee, Einsteins in the City Conference: Fall 2007, Spring 2011.
    CCNY Coordinator of Foreign Language Qualifying Exam: Fall 2006-Fall 2010.
    Curriculum Committee, Ph.D. Program in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and
    Languages: Fall 2013-present.
    CUNY Committee on Academic Technology: Spring 2011.
    CUNY Council for Foreign Languages: Spring 2004-Spring 2006.

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