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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Stephen Jablonsky

Associate Professor/Theory & Composition


Division of Humanities and the Arts




Shepard Hall 80D

p: 212-650-7663

p: 212-650-5411

f: 212-650-5428


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  • Profile

    In the last few years Professor Jablonsky has written a number of texts that draw upon his 50 years of teaching experience at CCNY the most recent of which is Gaining Music Literacy which was published in January 2014. Dr. Jablonsky spent the summer of 2012 collecting 500 melodies for a new sight singing anthology entitled Molto Cantabile! that was published last summer. Some of his other recent publications include his user-friendly Tonal Facts and Tonal Theory and its three accompanying workbooks. He is also the author of two unique instructional manuals: The All-Star Rhythm & Pitch Book, the revised version of which will appear in summer 2014, and newly revised Thinking Harmonically at the Keyboard.  As a theorist his investigations focus on the practice of extreme chromaticism by such composers as Wagner, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy. Last summer he prepared a listeners' guide to Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments that is available upon request. A recent book chapter explores the relationship of the Fibonacci series and musical form. When time permits he does enjoy turning out compositions in the serialized minimalist style he helped create back in the 1970s. He is currently compiling the first comprehensive list of instrumental repertoire in F sharp major and G flat major.

    Strange as it may seem, he is better known as a painter than he is as a composer. Currently there are over 200 of his paintings on permanent exhibit throughout the college.

  • Education

    The High School of Music & Art, 1958

    B.A., The City College of New York, 1962

    Graduate Study, Harvard University, 1962-3

    M.A., New York University, 1964

    Graduate Study, Queens College, Fortran 4-B, 1969-70

    Ph.D., New York University, 1973

     Dissertation: The Development of Tonal Coherence in the Revised Operas of Giuseppe Verdi, Martin Chusid, mentor

    The National Orchestral Association, Conducting Fellowship Program, 1973-6

    Graduate Study, The University of Bridgeport, Family Counseling Program, 1982-3

  • Courses Taught

    Theory Practicum I, II, III, and IV

    Tonal Theory V2100


  • Research Interests

    The interrelatedness of all things, specializing in Truth and Beauty.

  • Publications

    Gaining Music Literacy, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2014

    The All-Star Rhythm & Pitch Book, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2005, revised 2014

    Molto Cantabile!, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2013

    Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2005, rev. 2009

    Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Workbook 2, Kendall Hunt Publsihers, 2006

    Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Workbook 1, Kendall Hunt Publishers, 2005


    Published in-house for use at CCNY:

    Thinking Harmonically at the Keyboard, 2004, rev. 2009

    Tonal Facts & Tonal Theories Workbook 3, 2006

    The Dictation Resource Program, 2008, rev. 2012

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