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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Theresa Montini

Assistant Medical Professor


Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education



Harris Hall 405A

p: 212-650-5266

f: 212-650-7778


  • Education

    Ph.D., 1991, University of California, San Francisco

    M.S.W., 1984, University of California, Berkeley

    B.A., 1979, Rutgers University

  • Courses Taught

    MED 41700 - Health, Medicine & Society V - The U.S. Health Care System - Course Director
  • Research Interests

    Examination of how to best utilize scientific evidence in clinical decision making and practice

    Analysis of public health policy formulation, especially how to translate research into policy

    Discovery of ways to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use

    Exploration of ways that the patient's perspective can be incorporated in efforts to improve quality of care and treatment safety

    Advancing the effective use of qualitative research methodology
  • Publications

    Montini T and Ian D. Graham. “Entrenched practices and other biases:” Unpacking the historical, economic, professional, and social resistance to de-implementation. Implementation Science 2015; 10:24 DOI: 10.1186/s13012-015-0211-7.

    Montini, Theresa, Tuo-Yen Tseng, Helly Patel, Donna Shelley. Barriers to dental services for older adults.  American Journal of Health Behavior.  2014; 38(5): 781-78.

    Montini T, Schenkel AB, Shelley DR.  Feasibility of a computerized clinical decision support system for treating tobacco use in dental clinics.  Journal of Dental Education. April 2013; Vol 77, No 4, pp 458-62.

    Montini T, George A, Martin M, Bero LA.  The role of public participation in public health initiatives:  An analysis of the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.  Global Public Health.  January 2010, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 48-61.

    Montini T, Bero LA.  Implementation of a workplace smoking ban:  The limits of local discretion.  BMC Public Health, 2008; 8(1):402 (8 December 2008).

    Montini T, Noble AA, Stelfox HT.  Content analysis of patient complaints.  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2008; 20(6): 412-420.

    Guydish, J, Manser ST, Jessup M, Tajima B, Sears C, Montini T. Multi-level assessment protocol (MAP) for adoption in multi-site clinical trials.  Journal of Drug Issues, 2005; 35(3): 529-546.

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