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General Information
General Information for Graduate Students

The City College of New York and the Graduate Center offer high quality, broad-based, graduate education at the Masters degree and Ph.D. levels in the traditional and newly emerging multidisciplinary engineering fields. Our faculty are internationally recognized for their excellence in teaching and path-breaking research. Our academic departments and research institutes are equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and research facilities.

Masters Programs Offered

The Grove School of Engineering offers programs of study leading to Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in six areas:

Graduate Certificate Program
The Grove School of Engineering offers programs leading to Advanced Certificates in special topics of Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. Acceptable undergraduate preparation is required to enter the program. Applicants may use the Master degree application form given below.

An Advanced Certificate in special topics is awarded upon satisfactory completion (minimum G.P.A. of 3.0) of 12 credits of prescribed Professional Master's degree courses that constitute coursework for a specific special topic certificate program.

Ph.D. Program Offered

The Ph.D. Program in Engineering prepares selected students for academic research and management careers in the fields of engineering. Doctoral work in engineering is offered at the Grove School of Engineering of The City College. The following areas of doctoral study are offered:

Biomedical Engineering
Areas of study include arterial disease, bioheat transfer, bioimage processing and medical instrumentation, biomechanics of cervical spine, head, and neck injuries, biosignal processing, design and structural studies of biomaterials, hydrogels for controlled drug release, image perception, intercellular communication, microvascular exchange, orthopaedic biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, renal transport, and soft tissue mechanics. Graduate students have the unique opportunity to conduct their dissertation research with mentors from either CUNY of any one of the hospitals partners in the New York Center for Biomedical Engineering Consortium in rapidly growing areas.

Chemical Engineering
Areas of study include biomedical engineering, controlled drug release; transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, interfacial phenomena, boiling heat transfer, air pollution control, fluidization; powder technology; chemical reaction engineering; separation with partially miscible fluids; polymers and polymer films; computer-aided process design, simulation, economics; clean fuels, coal gasification. 

Civil Engineering
Areas of study include transportation, earthquake engineering, reliability of bridges, soil-structure interaction, foundation engineering, wave propagation, fracture mechanics, composite structures, leachate treatment, municipal and industrial waste treatment including physicochemical and biological processes, water resources, surface water hydraulics and hydrology, remote sense application in natural resources forcasting, reservoir modeling, nonpoint source pollution, modeling of groundwater. 

Electrical Engineering
Areas of study include communications; computer networks engineering; photonics engineering, including optical communications, nonlinear optics, remote sensing and lidar for atmospheric and environmental studies; atmospheric solid state lasers; optical engineering; parallel processing; VLSI design; control and control system engineering; image and signal processing; multidimensional filter design.

Mechanical Engineering
Areas of study include fluid mechanics and turbulence, biomedical engineering, dynamics, machine dynamics, stress analysis, vibrations, microelectronic cooling, heat transfer, aerodynamics, turbo-machinery, robotics, computer simulation in manufacturing, materials, fracture mechanics, composite materials, and solid mechanics.

The Ph.D. program in Computer Science is located at the Graduate Center.

Curriculum & Course Info

Graduate course information will be published shortly. Please contact the Grove School of Engineering for a current course bulletin. 

Admissions & Other Info

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