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Join the Alumni Partnership Program.  It’s a Win-Win
Start: 03/20/08
End: 03/31/10

To land good jobs after graduation, Grove School students need the summer and academic-year internships available to students at bigger name institutions. And, you can help. That is what the Grove School undergraduate internship initiative - the Alumni Partnership Program (APP) – is all about.

The buzz about the Grove School is palpable. Word is out that our graduates are among the most talented young engineers in the country. They win coveted leadership training jobs in stiff national searches. As alumni you can be part of this success story. You can give our undergraduates the experience they need by offering them internships in your companies. It’s a win-win.

Last semester 17 of your fellow alumni in companies across the country joined the APP. Here are some comments. Mark Tubinsky of Behlman Electronics reports, “It made my heart feel good that CCNY has again become the school for those who will shape the US, and I am very proud. Raymond was here for an interview, and we all liked him. And, I wouldn't mind giving other students a tour of our facility showing what ‘hardware’ engineers do. Other candidates were better for one of our sister companies, so I gave their resumes to the right people.”

When Yuko Nakanishi, who owns a research and consulting company, posted an internship for Grove School students, he received multiple responses. “After identifying two excellent candidates and consulting my budget to try and accept both, I selected a first-year student who is working out well -- bright, eager to learn and to contribute,” he says. “The APP initiative is beneficial for both the students and companies, especially small businesses with limited resources. The students gain real-world experience, and small businesses benefit from hard-working students who contribute to the effort at very reasonable rates.”

Others like Northrup Grumman’s Tony DiNardo and SESI’s Jay Adam, are making summer placements now. “Of the four resumes you sent me,” DiNardo stated, “I invited all four for an interview.”

So, join these APP trailblazers. You will enhance your bottom line and contribute to the Grove School’s mounting success. To post internships and for further information, contact Dr. Ruth Sinton, Director of Student Development, at rsinton@ccny.cuny.edu.

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