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Grove School Research Showcased at NY Terrorism Meeting
Start: 04/02/08
End: 04/30/10

Dr. Beth WittigDr. Zhigang ZhuDr. Beth Wittig, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, and Dr. Zhigang Zhu, Professor of Computer Sciences, presented papers at the Protect New York conference on protecting New York State from terrorism and disaster.

Professor Wittig’s paper, “Transport and Dispersion of Threat Agents in a Scale Model of a Subway Station,” was co-presented with Jennifer Richmond-Bryant of Hunter College. It described the study plan, considerations and expected outcomes of a novel approach to investigating the potential exposure of subway passengers to biochemical release agent. The project, funded through a CUNY Collaborative grant, involved creating a modular scale model of the W. 135th Street subway station, which is one block east of the CCNY campus.

Dr. Wittig said of the conference, “The participants had a broad range of backgrounds and the topics that were covered were focused and relevant. I was proud to represent CCNY in such a venue and demonstrate how our research can be both academic and relevant.

Professor Zhu’s presentation, “Fast Response in NYC: Real-time Airborne 3D and Motion Reconstruction for Security and Planning of Urban Transportation,” described a technology created in the CCNY Visual Computing Laboratory that could fly an airplane with a video camera, detect, measure and analyze static and dynamic objects in an area, and then reconstruct the scene into multiple 3-D panoramic views.

The event, co-sponsored by the CCNY-based University Transportation Research Center, was held January 10 – 11 at the SUNY Levin Institute in Manhattan.

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