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Deborah Moore of GSOE receives President’s STAR AWARD
Start: 05/28/09
End: 05/30/11

On May 13, 2009, Ms. Deborah Moore was among the first CCNY recipients of the new STAR Award, which is an acronym for Service, Teamwork, Action, and Results. Ms. Moore is an Academic Advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs in the Grove School of Engineering and has been a dedicated employee at The City College of New York for 21 years. She performs a myriad of duties and activities to improve the quality of her Department, the GSOE and the College's programs. Last, but certainly not least, she goes the "extra mile" to ensure that students' experience at CCNY is a rewarding and a positive one. The elements to meet in order to be considered for the STAR Award include:     
  • Performing exemplary service which enhances the mission of his/her department/division and the overall mission of the college; 
  • Performing outstanding service to the campus community at large;        
  • Displaying team player work ethic;      
  • Working across departments/divisions to improve work processes;   
  • Enhancing work environment for co-workers;   
  • maintaining a positive attitude       
  • Taking initiative        
  • Finding creative and new innovative ways to solve problems or improve service       
  • Volunteering to represent the college outside his/her regular job duties      
  • Achieving high productivity       
  • Exhibiting Excellent customer service.


The GSOE is an institution of pre-eminence among schools of engineering and Ms. Moore is one of its "secret" resources, which has enabled the undergraduate program to increase its retention rate. Needless to say, without students there would be no higher learning institution such as CCNY. Ms. Moore, as a function of her position as academic advisor, advises and register students, process re-entry applications, process withdrawals, performs preliminary and final graduation checks, and processes FE Licensures. Although she is an undergraduate advisor, her reputation is so well known that graduate students also seek her assistance. Students, staff and faculty recognize her unparalleled commitment to our highly diverse student body. She is especially cognizant of the challenges which face traditionally underrepresented minorities, women, working adults and immigrants. She is advisor of the student chapter of The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and also frequently volunteers to assist in the GSOE Office of Student Development Freshmen Program. Staff and students alike know they can depend on Ms. Moore to extend herself; for example, a student who lived out of state was unable to take time off to deliver her papers to the registrar's office. Deborah saw to it that her papers were turned in on time so she could graduate with her class.


"Not my job". "That's not in my job description". These words are not in Ms. Moore's vocabulary. "Whatever it takes" – that's Deborah's creed. She takes the initiative to collaborate with not only departments in the GSOE but other departments as well. Deborah can be depended upon to communicate new policies, guidelines and procedures regarding academic standards, issues, etc to faculty, staff and students. She can often be seen personally escorting students to other departments/offices in order to facilitate and assist them in their endeavors. "Team player"? —She exemplifies the very essence of what it means to be a team player. Ms. Moore supports her department and her colleagues to the utmost. "No" is a very difficult word for Deborah to utter and therefore she will go above and beyond the call of duty to accomplish a desired objective or goal. Her delightful sense of humor, quick wit and engaging personality make her a pleasure to work and associate with. Everyone enjoys being in her presence because there are always smiles and laughter.


"Whatever it takes" is not just a catch phase to Ms. Moore – it's her work ethic. She truly goes the extra mile. She has make countless trips to the basement of the Administration Building in order to look up former students' records to assist them in being re-admitted or securing their degrees. Deborah thinks nothing of staying late or coming in on weekends without being asked. Ms. Moore is a regular volunteer in the various GSOE student programs; especially the programs under the auspices of the Office of Student Development and the GSOE Commencement.


The words of this recommendation are so inadequate to describe the effect or the impact of Ms. Moore's advice and actions has had on the lives of all of the students who have been fortunate enough to be the recipients of her generosity of spirit. Her productivity or results cannot be depicted on charts or easily quantified. Yes she sees "x" number of students per day; yes she advises and registers a certain number of students but the ultimate test or results can be measured by the tokens of thanks and appreciation heaped upon her by former, current, undergraduate and graduate alike. Former and current students frequently visit her to extend their appreciation and gratitude by writing letters, bringing flowers, candy, cookies, etc. What better testament to excellent customer service than a sincere "thank you" and referrals. If Ms. Deborah Moore were an entrepreneur -- she would not have to advertise via mass media; word of mouth of would more than suffice to keep her supplied with clients. Ms. Moore is Ms. Customer Extraordinaire! We truly feel and believe that Ms. Deborah Moore deserves and warrants recognition from The City College by being selected as a recipient of the S.T.A.R. Award.
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