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Start: 10/01/05
End: 02/26/06

A Note from the Editors
The first edition of the newsletter drew a number of responses. Many offered suggestions, such as more profiles of alumni, student groups and faculty of previous years, more photos and better captions, shorter text and adding an unsubscribe feature. Thanks to all who sent in a comment, several of which are printed below. Please continue sending in hour comments, corrections and suggestions.

There is too much text, too few pictures. I’d guess the student robotics story would easily lend itself to more pictures. I believe that part of the reason for a newsletter is to encourage alumni to re-involve themselves with CCNY Engineering. Human interest stories might encourage that involvement, e.g., how about alumni stories — where are they now?
Joel Falk, University of Pittsburgh

I would like to see news of School of Technology class reunions in your new electronic newsletter.
R. Kaufmann, BME ’61, ME (Mechanical) ’65

Looks good! However, you could do a better job of captioning pictures. Harve E. Citrin

Great idea sending by e-mail. Although it might be repetitive, you might consider adding a section on where and what alumni are doing, such as is listed in the general CCNY alumni newsletter.
Frank A. Fariello, BEE ’56

I can’t speak for all alumni beyond a “certain age,” but I know I often wonder about the lives of favorite instructors, most no longer are active part of CCNY. Perhaps you could solicit readers for their top two or three instructors and then publish a short bio of one or two each issue. Reading about the constant evolution of the college is rewarding and certainly worthy of coverage, but for each graduate their personal experiences while in college and those who taught them established the strongest hold on memory and greatest immediacy. In some cases, readers might want to drop an e-mail to those influential teachers, should they be willing to share e-mail addresses. 
Anthony Tufariello

As an SOE Board of Advisors member, I’m especially pleased to see this newsletter. Here are my thoughts on making it effective: The mechanism to link to individual articles is too awkward. I have to click on each article and then, when finished reading that article, I must close a browser window and move on to the next. I would prefer to be presented with the entire newsletter in one document. How about a link to a fundraising web page where alumni could make a targeted donation to the SOE? Don’t forget to include an Unsubscribe link. 
Philip Jan Rothstein

A very nice publication! It would be an improvement if you could add captions identifying the people in the posed group shots.
Harvey Altstadter BEE ’67

It’s good to hear from the college, and I think the e-mail version of the newsletter is a very effective means of communication.
Paul Farber, PE, DEE, ChE Class of ’68

There are still lots of disaffected alumni out there who are still skeptical about what the college is doing these days, which is perhaps because the college hasn’t always been completely forthcoming about its status over the last 25 years. I ’d be concerned that your alumni target audience may only be those who are already in the choir. Somehow a greater population should be reading. I’m not sure how you do it because it’s not likely these skeptical alumni belong to the Alumni Association. One suggestion might be to develop an e-mail list of CCNY alumni from the directors of professional organizations like ISPE, AlChe, et al. I’d bet you’d snare an awful lot of CCNY alumni who have had little or no contact with the college in years.
Michael Posner ’70

I like the newsletter as it is.
Karl H. Zaininger ’59

It was nice to hear from my alma mater after 37 years. I hope you will add my e-mail address for future editions.
Larry Marshall BEE, ’68

Perhaps an alumni section to keep up up-to-date with fellow alumni would be useful. I know there is such a section in the Alumni magazine, but one that treats the engineering alumni in greater depth would be interesting.
Robert Waxman ’60

I’d like to submit a paper I recently presented on making lead-free attachments using a conductive polymer. I can forward a copy if you are interested.
Ed Greenwood, BEE ’54

I am writing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Engineering. Our dean received your e-mail newsletter and she is interested in our doing something similar here. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Beth Briggs

This is an absolutely wonderful creative idea! As a one-time editor on The Campus, as editor of Microcosm-Lexicon, as a professional editor at McGraw Hill, I have no criticisms and only one suggestion — your issues might include a photo gallery. It’s a great way for graduates to stay tuned in on the college. In March 2004, I made my first visit back to the campus and was delighted at what I saw.
Jerry Luntz ’44

Looks great to me. A good start in ‘spreading the word’ about CCNY.
Bob Alpert ’50T
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