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New Professors welcomed to Grove School of Engineering
Start: 11/12/08
End: 11/30/10

As a result of several retirements coupled with newly authorized positions from the City University, GSOE was able to hire eight new junior faculty as well as four world-class senior professors effective with the fall 2008 term. All those who joined the school are listed below by their departments.

September 23, 2008 marked the kickoff of the second year of the GSOE New Engineering Faculty Orientation Program (NEFOP) with a Luncheon for new faculty, hosted by Professor Joseph Barba, Dean of the GSOE and attended by the Dean’s administration, including department chairs. The NEFOP, a seven-week long program was spearheaded by Dr. A. Ramona Brown, Vice Dean, to assist new, untenured faculty members with their transition into the Grove School. Orientation sessions include: an introduction to CCNY and the Grove School, and overviews of the tenure and promotion process, academic standards, funding sources and grant administration, mentoring responsibilities, teaching and research support, administrative processes, i.e., equipment purchasing, multiple teaching loads, etc., among other pertinent areas.

Last year’s evaluation of the program from 11 faculty participants indicated a high degree of success. The outcomes of the current NEFOP promises to be just as beneficial to the Grove School’s seven new untenured faculty members. One indicator of continued success for NEFOP is the addition of a new program component, “Breakfast with the President and Provost” on October 28th, which will provide an informal setting to allow closer interactions with President Gregory Williams and Provost Zeev Dagan. In addition, plans are being discussed to schedule special field trips for faculty to visit select engineering and technology companies, a suggestion made by President Williams as part of his enthusiastic support of this effort.

Dr. Mitchell Schaffler joins the Biomedical Engineering as a Presidential Professor. Dr. Schaffler is from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He has a B.S. from Stony Brook (SUNY) and a PhD from West Virginia University in Anatomy. His research interests are Biomechanics, Skeletal Biology, Osteoporosis, and functional Morphology.

Dr. Daniel Steingart joins the Chemical Engineering Department as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Steingart is a consultant and an Entrepreneur. He has a MA and a PhD in Material Science from UC, Berkeley in 2006. His research interest is Electrical Energy Storage.

Dr. Sanjoy Banerje joins the Chemical Engineering Department as a Distinguished Professor. Dr. Banerje is from UC, Santa Barba and has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo (Canada). His research interest is Sustainable Energy Technologies.

Dr. Nir Krakauer
joins the Civil Engineering Department as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Krakauer comes from UC, Berkeley where he was a NOAA Postdoctoral Fellow. He has a BSE from the University of Michigan and a PhD from the California Institute of Technology. His research interest is Effects of Climate on Plants, Water, Surface Heat, Moisture and Carbon Exchanges.

Dr. Charles Vorosmarty joins the Civil Engineering Department as a Professor. Dr. Vorosmarty was Director of the Water Systems Analysis group at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). He has a BS in Biological Science from Cornell University, MS in Civil Engineering and PhD in Engineering Systems from UNH; His research interests are Global Environmental Sensing and Water Sciences Initiative.

Dr. Nelly Fazio joins the Computer Science Department as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Fazio was a Visiting Research Scientist at IBM’s Alameda Research Center. She has a PhD in Computer Science from NYU (May '06'). Her research interests are Cryptology, Content Protection and Forensics.

Dr. William Skeith joins the Computer Science Department as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Skeith is the chief technical officer and co-founder of Stealth Software Inc. He has a BA and BS in Computer Science and Math (Pepperdine), and an MA and PhD in Mathematics from UCLA (June '07'). His research interests are Algebra, Cryptography, Encryption and Discrete Mathematics.

Dr. Jianting Zhang joins the Computer Science Department as an Assistant professor. Dr. Zhang is from the University of New Mexico and UC-Davis. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma (2004). His research interests are GIS for Remote Sensing for Environmental Modeling, Hybrid Classification, Algorithms, and Spectral Analysis.

Dr. Alexander Gilerson joins the Electrical Engineering Department as an Associate Professor. Dr. Gilerson has been with City College of New York since 1997. He has a BS (1975), MS (1977), and a PhD (1987) in Engineering, all from Technical University in Kazan, Russia. His research interests are Optical Sensing, Imaging of the Marine Environment, and related fields.

Dr. Ying-Li Tian joins the Electrical Engineering Department as an Associate Professor. Dr. Tian was a research staff member at IBM’s Watson Research Center in York Town, NY. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests are Pattern Recognition, Physics-based Shape Recovery Techniques, Computer Vision and Graphics.

Dr. Niell Elvin joins the Mechanical Engineering Department as an Associate Professor. Dr. Elvin has been an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. He has a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT (1998). His research interests are Smart Materials and Structures, Self Powered Sensing, and Biomedical Monitoring.

Dr. Jorge Gonzalez-Cruz joins the Mechanical Engineering Department as a Professor. Dr. Gonzalez-Cruz has been a Professor and Packard Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Santa Clara University. He has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Puerto Rico and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech (1994). His research interests are Heat Transfer Applied to Environmental Flow, Industrial Process and Solar Thermal Technologies.
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