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Grove School of Engineering
Student Research and Scholarship Center (OSRS)
Dr. Yuying Gosser, Director

Marshak, MR-1102
Convent Avenue @ W. 138th Street
New York NY 10031
P | 212.650.8870
E | ygosser@ccny.cuny.edu

Activities and Events

Research Preparation Activities

The Office of Student Research and Scholarship offers research training program to help students get prepared for starting research.

  1. Science and Engineering Communication Workshops offered jointly with ASEE student chapter to help students to be familiar with faculty's research fields and help them write application for research fellowships, such as National Science Foundation supported STEP Fellowship and REU Summer Internship.

  2. Nationwide Genome Science Education program is offered jointly with the Bioinformatics and Genomics Club to the GSOE students to prepare them for newly emerged research fields, such as biomedical engineering,

  3. Computer programming based Art of Science and Engineering program is offered jointly with the Art and Science Engineering Club to students for improving their programming skills and data visualization capability as well as communication skills.

Career Development Activities

The Office of Student Research and Scholarship, in collaboration with the faculty advisers of the student clubs, encourages students to participate in local and national competitions, such as: 

Past Events

Fall 2009 Research Training Program
Organizer: Dr. Yuying Gosser (Director of Student Research and Scholarship Center)
Contact information: ygosser@ccny.cuny.edu or , 212-650-8870

Tuesday Workshops: 12:30 – 1:45pm Location: Steinman 2M5
Contact information: Romuald Pinheiro (President of Science and Engineering Communication club) at sec.ccny@gmail.com

The aim of these workshops is to teach the students how to write a research paper for publication in professional journals or conferences, how to write the profiles for scientists/professors who conduct interesting research and mentor student research, and how to prepare their applications for prestigious research fellowships, such as NSF graduate fellowship. The major reference book is “The MIT Guide to Science and Engineering Communication”.

Thursday Workshops: Club Hours 12:30 – 1:45pm Location: NAC 7/312

Computer Graphics: Art of Science and Engineering.
Contact Information: Evgueni Chepelevski (echepel00@ccny.cuny.edu)
Advisor: Dr. Peter Brass, Professor of Computer Science

The Computer Graphics special interest group will meet each Thursday from 12:30 to 2:00 pm. Refreshments will be provided to the students. Students will learn the PovRay scripting language, PostScript language, and “Perl”, if time permits, to create artistic images of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The students’ creative works are eligible for contest and inclusion in the Third Annual Art of Science and Engineering Exhibition 2010 at CCNY. (For 2008 and 2009 Exhibitions, visit the website). Finalists will be supported for their applications to the NSF sponsored International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010 Competition. For more information on the NSF Visualization Challenge.

Friday Workshops: 3:40 to 5:40pm Location: MR-044
Genomics and Gene Annotation Project
Contact Information: Olivia Plante (oplante00@ccny.cuny.edu)
Advisor: Dr. Sihong Wang, Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Dr. Yuying Gosser

For the 2009 Summer Bioinformatics poster presentation see the Summer Bioinformatics Workshop 2009 Website. The main goal of this special interest group is to conduct a research oriented project - Gene Annotation. This project is in collaboration with Washington University at St. Louis and the results will be authenticated and submitted to the world-wide bioinformatics database (NCBI). This can lead to a paper to be published in a peer-reviewed journal for the students involved.

Materials for this course can be found at the CCNY GEP Course Materials Page. For syllabus, go to "Genomics Club Activities".



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