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MFA Digital Portfolio Requirements

Download MFA Procedures, Guidelines, and Requirements [pdf]

Digital Portfolio

Still images must be either JPEG or TIFF files, maximum dimensions of 1024 x 768. Images must be correctly rotated for viewing. Each file must be named with the applicant's Lastname_Firstname_xx.ext.

  • Smith_Josephine_01.tif
  • Smith_Josephine_02.tif
  • etc.

Files sizes larger than 3 MB will not be opened or reviewed. Files must be submitted on a Macintosh- and Windows- readable standard-size CD with “MFA Application”, applicant name, year written directly on the disc. BE SURE TO TEST YOUR DISC ON SEVERAL COMPUTERS before submitting, not just the computer on which the disc was burned. Applicants must also include a file on the CD as a MS Word (.doc), a plaintext (.txt) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file with an inventory of images (name and title, medium, dimensions, dates). Please also print this list to include with other printed application materials. Place all image files (up to 20) on the CD in a single folder of your name Unreadable or incorrectly formatted CDs will not be considered. Powerpoint, Flash or similar presentation formats are NOT acceptable.

Printed Portfolio Images

For reference purposes, applicants must also provide printed back-up of still image submissions, no more than three (3) pages maximum. Printed back-ups may be thumbnails. Printed back-ups must also include file names, for reference.

Digital Portfolio Requirements [continued +]

Optional DVD for Time-Based Work

This is in addition, not instead of, the CD-ROM portfolio A representative still of each track should be included in the CD-ROM portfolio DVDs should be clearly labeled with your name, the title of the work, and the length of all segments to be viewed. Please do not send DVD masters, only copies. DVDs should be formatted for viewing on a DVD deck, not a computer. In most cases, no more than three DVD/video works will be viewed. Please limit segment lengths.

Optional CD-ROM for Interactive work

This is in addition, not instead of, the CD-ROM portfolio For applicants whose work is interactive, it is recommended that interactive work be submitted on an optional second CD-ROM The CD-ROM should be labeled with applicant’s name and “Interactive” Each interactive artwork should be in a separate folder Each interactive work should have a representative still image in the Digital Portfolio. An attempt will be made to review the interactive work, but if a technical issue arises (e.g., a missing required software component) the work will not be viewed.

List of Works

A printed list should accompany the submitted materials.

For the required CD-ROM portfolio the list should document:
  • Filename
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Date
For the optional DVD video the list should document:
  • Track name
  • Duration
  • Date
  • Brief description (e.g., is this an excerpt or the entire work, is it documenting a work or is the video an artwork in itself, etc.)
For the optional Interactive CD-ROM the list should document:
  • Folder name of the artwork
  • Directions for launching the artwork
  • Interactive artworks that are complicated to launch will not be viewed.
  • Your artwork should be launched by double-clicking on a file.
  • A description of technologies used to create the artwork
  • An URL for the artwork, when appropriate
  • A brief description of the artwork

Letters of Recommendation

Two to three letters of recommendation should be submitted. The letters should discuss the quality of the creative work, potential and other related aspects. These should be from former instructors or creative professionals who know your work. Letters should be written on letterhead and should be sealed with the recommender’s signature. Please include the letters in the application packet (do not have them sent separately).


Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. The submitted materials will not be returned, so postage and envelope size need only be large enough for a single 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.

Submitting the Application Package

Please send the materials to:

The City College of New York
Art Department — MFA Program
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
Phone: 212-650-7420

Please note, submitted materials will not be returned.

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