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Condensed Matter Seminar - May 2
Wed, May 2Wed, May 2
12:15 PM 1:15 PM

Dr. Jian Huang, Princeton University
"Novel transport behaviors in strongly correlated two-dimensional holes"

Abstract:  Recently, with improved semiconductor growth technologies, an amazingly low carrier concentration of 5 x 108cm-2 of two-dimensional (2D) holes is realized in GaAs HIGFET (heterojunction-insulated-gate field-effect-transistor) systems. This allows transport studies of strongly correlated charges of which the Coulomb energy far exceeds the nominal Fermi-energy: the interaction parameter rs, measured by the Wigner Seitz radius a in the units of Bohr radius, is approximately 100 if m*=0.3m0 assumed. I will first briefly present the experimental techniques, then, focus on the experimental observations of unexpected collective behaviors in both the metal-like side and the insulating side of the Metal-to-Insulator Transition.


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