Management Major


To satisfy the requirements for a major in management, a student must complete:



Sixty percent of the credits (22) must be completed here at CCNY.


To graduate, a student must also satisfy the College's "core" liberal arts requirements.


Students may choose to major in management and minor in economics (take 5 additional courses from the economics sequence).


Students can take Calculus in either Math 205 or 201. Most often, students will take 205. Taking Math 201 is recommended for students intending to go on to 202, 203, etc.


The elective courses are grouped into three categories: The Manager's Environment, Strategy & Leadership, and Business Functions.


The Manager's Environment includes courses such as Business & Society, Business Law and Industrial Organization, emphasizing the external constraints upon a manager.


Strategy & Leadership courses are self-explanatory: Strategic Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems Management.


Business Functions covers Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Operations & Production, and similar courses.


Students must take six courses from these groups, including at least one course from each group.


If you have more questions please speak with any of the faculty in the department.






Major in Management and Administration (355)

Student Name:

Student ID:














Required Courses:




The Manager's Environment


Strategy and Leadership


Business Functions

Eco 10000 *



Eco 23200


Eco 35300


Eco 27100

Principles of Micro




Int'l Environment of Business


Strategic Management


Corporate Finance

Eco 10300 *



Eco 26000


Eco 35400


Eco 31101

Principles of Macro




Industrial Organization


Information Systems Mgmt


Consumer Behavior

Eco 29900 (Eco 31201)



Eco 35800


Eco 35500 (Eco 31206)


Eco 33000

Developing Management Skills




Business and Society





Eco 34000



Eco 38000


Eco 35700


Eco 35000

Principles of Management




Business Law I




Managerial Economics

Eco 29000



Eco 38100




Eco 35100





Business Law II




Human Resource Mgmt

Math 20100 or 20500







Eco 35200









Operations & Production









Eco 36000









Accounting I









Eco 36100









Accounting II

Students take all required courses and at least six of the Management & Administration electives listed.

* Students may substitute either Eco 10400 or Eco 10101 for the Principles of Micro and Macro courses.

Sixty percent of the credits (22 of 37) must be completed here at CCNY.


Elective Courses from above: at least 1 from each column and 6 in total








From Column A:




From any column:




From Column B:




From any column:




From Column C:




From any column:














Other courses may be substituted with the consent of the department advisor.

Advisor's Remarks:


_____________________________ has completed/is currently completing the requirements for a major in Management and Administration.


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