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Science Education

Stream A: Master of Science Education Degree in Middle School Science Education, Initial Certification

If admitted for summer 2013 or later

  • Total Credits: 52
  • Required Courses (43 credits):

SCI 1403E: Physical Science for Middle School Teachers 1 (4 credits)
SCI 1404E: Physical Science for Middle School Teachers 2 (4 credits)
SCI 4101E: Life Science for Middle School Teachers 1 (4 credits)
SCI 4102E: Life Science for Middle School Teachers 2 (4 credits)
SCI 4103E: Nature of Science (3 credits)
EDSE 7600A: Issues for Secondary Schoolteachers (2 credits)
SPED 5000K: Introduction to Inclusive Education (3 credits)
EDSE 3101E: Teaching Science in Middle Schools (4 credits)
EDSE 3105E: Adolescent Learning of Science (1 credit)
EDSE 3900I: Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education (4 credits)
EDSE 7600G/7603G: Teaching Practicum in Middle Level Education (3 credits)*
EDSE 1201E: Middle School Literacy (4 credits)
EDSE 7202I: Masters project: Science (3 credits)^

  • Graduate courses in science (9 credits)#
  • Additional requirement:

Sufficient concentration in biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics: Determined in consultation with advisor.

* Prerequisites for student teaching include completion of education course work, standardized exams, and meeting with science education advisor and field work coordinator early in the semester preceding student teaching.

# Selected in consultation with a program advisor.

^ Prerequisites for Masters Project include completion of all other course work, possession of CST score report in a science, and permission of advisor.

Any changes or deviations from the above program requirements must obtain written advisor approval.

If admitted before summer 2013