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Content Management System Training

Department Content Editing

Website Content Editing

Print User Guide: Department Content Editing >>

Video Training


Getting Started

CommonSpot Login

Working with pages

Working inside the formatted textblock

Working with Images

Working with Links

Editing the local website navigation menu

Embedding Multimedia

Deleting Files

Submitting/Publishing a Page

Logging Out

Faculty and Staff Profile Administration

Note 1: If you are a faculty or staff member who has not been designated as a department content editor, but have pre-exsiting access to the CMS for the purposes of editing your faculty/staff profile and are seeking instructions, go to Faculty and Staff Profiles Video Training - Individual User >>

Note 2:  Only entities designated as "departments"  have access to create and manage faculty and staff profiles.  If your website is not a department, please contact the department associated with your area for profile management.

Print User Guide: Faculty and Staff Profile Administration - Department Content Editor >>

Video Training

Logging in to Access Your Department's Profiles

Editing, Deleting and Creating Profiles