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Welcome to the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). The Department of International Student & Scholar Services provides services and advocacy for the international students and scholars who are not permanent residents of the United States. Additionally, it provides pre-semester orientation programs and semester long workshops that assist with adapting to life in the United States while pursuing their education. Professional counseling assistance is available for students with immigration concerns, or academic and personal difficulties.

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All new International Students are required to report to our office and fill out a contact sheet. Students must also bring in copies of their passport, visa, and a printout of the I-94. The form I-94 is available by inputting your visa information in the link below.




Also, in order to maintain matriculation you must be physically present within the United States


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Immigration tips in times of uncertainty 


For DACA students who have reached our page, please click on this link for information specific to your status.





October 2019 Student of the Month Naoko Kasai



International Student of the Month for October 2019

Naoko Kasai of Japan


What is your home country and what are you studying here?

I am from Japan. I am studying English.

Tell us your best moments of studying at City College of New York as an international student​ so far.

I love writing and English grammar. Hence, listening to the lecture about writing or grammar hypnotizes me.

When was a time when you thought that you would fail and how did you overcome that? 

I am still struggling with speaking and listening to English. My awkward English often annoys people, but force myself to keep trying to talk and improve. I think that a failure only comes when you stop trying. I believe that I will be able to speak ideal English someday. In fact, my English is improving day by day. Of course, with practice, and support of kind people.

What motivates you?

My love of English and my friends, especially, those I have met in the United States. I want to talk with them more and efficiently communicate my ideas with them. Therefore, I will continue studying and improving. 

What book and/or movie inspires you and why?

I cannot choose one. Novels are my energy drink. When I feel tired, I read a novel. After reading a beautiful story, I feel as if I have been reborn. Recently, I have been reading nonfictions about technologies. As for a movie, my recent favorites are "Paterson", and "Dabangg."

What do you think are the skills or habits needed to get to where you want to go (in your studies, in your career)?

Time management. My friend told me to choose the most relevant for me now.

What made you decide to study in the U.S.? Upon reflection, what were the immediate challenges and rewards of this decision?

In my country, I was a patent translator and loved my job very much. However, I rarely had the opportunity to speak English, which frustrated me. I moved to the US not to study English, but when I came here, I thought that this was my chance to study real day-to-day English. The opportunity presented itself and it was given to me, why should not I take it? Therefore, I quitted my job and went back to school. Some people look away from after hearing me speak, but every conversation I have here on English is my treasure.

What piece of advice you would give to a new international student coming to study here?

Do not be afraid of talking to people. Do not forget that you definitely have something shiny that makes people around you happier. I saw many students holding back their thoughts although they had great ideas.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

My grandmother. She was a perfect woman. She always kept a smile on her face. I loved making her laugh with my stories. She never raised her voice. She was always busy. I rarely saw her sitting. She started appreciating people around her just on her last years before passing away. She was perfect.

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

Live and learn.

What are your best study tips?

Looking into the textbooks and dictionaries, and asking the professor any question.

Talk more about a notable staff and/or faculty member that helped you during your studies who'd you'd like to mention here.

Last semester (my first semester), Professor Carr gave me a lot of advice about writing and made me believe that I could write. Professor Rosenthal taught me the beauty of literature. Professor Unger kindly answered my questions about translation. Kerry at Writing Center read my essays very carefully and gave me useful tips about writing with warm words. Ty at the library patiently helped me to find good sources. They encouraged me to love English in a more positive way.

What is next? If you'd like, tell us how you envision life moving forward after CCNY.

Although it is difficult to predict the future and things that I have never thought always happen to me, I will go back to Japan next year and would like to start up a language service.

Any other words, stories, or thoughts you’d like to share…

I received the Stark English Composition Award in Memory of Mina Shaughnessy from the English Department of this college. I thought that I reached the entrance of the English world that I'd dreamt of for long. I will sincerely continue studying English, being grateful to all the people who let me receive the award and stand as the start to expand and release myself into English.


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